The Cool Down!!

As summer heats up, the only thing many of us are thinking about is the cool, relaxing pool or our air conditioned places of residence.

There is no doubt that in times of extremely warm weather, we get together with our friends and family to chill by the pool. But, what will we wear to the pool?

Notable Styles Contributing Editor has selected the first three looks and I have selected the last two looks. Ladies there are plenty of fashionable and comfortable fitting options out there for you to go to the pool this summer in Notable Style. Don't stay sitting at home worried about how you may look in a bathing suit. We all have body parts, we just need to accent out good ones and minimize our other areas. If you would like help with your personal shopping experience, do not hesitate to email,

I hope that you enjoy our selections!! What is your favorite swimsuit style? Visit and talk to us there. We will be waiting.

Style Editors: Joi Lindsey and Nicole McClain

Writer: Nicole McClain


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