F & A Fuse For More Than Apparel!

Notable Style readers, fashion and art come together often. Art often inspires designers and stylists in their designs, textile ideas, color combinations and more.

Today, an amazing home decor design that took my breath away, inspired me to combine 2 summer pants looks (selected by Joi Lindsey) into one inspiring package that displays how the things in your home can influence your wardrobe or vice versa.

Do you see how the black and the green of the furniture pillows is prevalent in the two separate looks? You can take one solid color and spew a new color scheme, with a little creativity and channeling.

I would like to tell you today to live fashion, breathe fashion, coordinate your house with art and designs that inspire you, it is good for your health.

Style Contributor: Joi Lindsey & Nicole McClain

Writer: Nicole McClain


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