TwentyEight Boutique's Preview This Week!

I may as well share some of my blogger privileges with the Notable Ones and show you images of some pieces that are coming this week to TwentyEight Boutique. It keeps getting better and better. Stick with me ladies and gentlemen. We are going places.
The black and white maxi dress is soo chic. A deep V is there on the back of the dress for those women who want to be sexy without revealing their cleavage. I think we can call it, "bringing sexy back". The dress will be priced around the $70 and upward range.
Then the next piece that I will show you that is arriving this week to TwentyEight Boutique is a pair of palazzo pants, that are THE BOMB! I love cool, colorful, comfortable clothing in the summer. And you feel so darn fab in this style. You can wear them with jeweled flats or flat sandals, braided flats, ankle cuff sandals and more. These pants will cost you under $50, so get in into TwentyEight Boutique to see what else is coming this week.
TwentyEight Boutique
7131 East 46th Street Indianapolis, IN 46226
Visit TwentyEight online at


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