Dainty Earrings!

There are times when dainty, small, earrings become relevant in a girls life. Depending on your destination, vibe and style, you may want to dabble in dressing up your ear lobe with animal figurines, crystals, austrian diamonds or other elegant jewels. Picnic outings or being outside in the hot weather is a great opportunity to minimize your ear stress and wear nice post or stud earrings. Another benefit to wearing dainty studs is that they look good on absolutely everyone and say something about your style without speaking. We all know the best messages sent are those messages that you do not have to talk to send.
Details on the earrings in the order as pictured above:
Sailor style
Austrian diamond on the gilded round
Black cube wih crystals
Turquoise eye leopard
Pearl owl 
If you are interested in any of the earrings, send an inquiry to imnotonik@gmail.com all of the pictured earrings are $30-$40.
The top, pants and combat boots will all compliment the earrings very well as an entire outfit or individually. To purchase the entire clothing look or separates follow this link. For being a Notable Styles reader you will receive $10 off of any purchase made larger than $50 code SS1051.
Style Contributor & Writer: Nicole McClain


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