Mens Fashion Wednesday!

Good day Notable Stylelistos and listas, today you can view how simple yet sophisticated and detailed menswear can be.

4 of the 5 above looks feature a jacket of some sort and the fifth look features the ever popular plaid shirt and boat shoes look. Blazers and suits can really allow you to stretch out your wardrobe options if you mix and match them properly. All of the above looks are summer appropriate. To set the record straight, when you want to pair or select a blazer/jacket to wear rthere is really one main thing to remember make sure that the jacket is weather appropriate.

Linen blazers should be worn in summer months.

Cotton blended blazers can be worn in summer/winter months.

Wool blended blazers should be worn in winter months.

Polyester blended blazers should be worn in winter months, or summer depending on the thickness.

Also stick to solid color jackets if you are building your wardrobe. Those will be easier to color coordinate. Printed jackets or plaid designs are more for one wear or for special occasions.

As you can see, you can wear an entire suit, or take the suit jacket and pair it with a v-neck tee and denim, pair the jacket with a plaid shirt and flooded pants, match a linen blazer with a crew neck tee or lose the jacket and wear the plaid shirt without the jacket. There are many options available for the budding fashion Mr's.

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**BONUS** Dont forget your pocket square guys!

Style Contributor: Joi Lindsey

Writer: Nicole McClain


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