TwentyEight Boutique's Preview Fancy Prints!!

This week TwentyEight Boutique has blessed us with a preview of items that will be arriving Friday, July 20th, just in time for the Indiana Black Expo and weekend events in other cities.

Both items are lightweight, fancy, pants that are well priced, on target with style trends, give you awesome color options and a sophisticated attitude.

The jumpsuit will be in very, very limited quantities. So if you want to be one of the only ladies in this look, I think you should be waiting outside of TwentyEight Boutique when the owner arrives. Cute outfit = Sell Out Fast! Price - $55

The palazzo pants are so shiek, that this item is GUARANTEED to sell OUT, QUICKLY!! The Versace inspired print?? Where else can you get that for a great price! They are hot!! Price - $35

Do not play around with these two pieces ladies, go get them, fashion is a game that you do not want to lose!

TwentyEight Boutique
7131 East 46th Street Indianapolis, IN 46226
Visit TwentyEight online at

If you need help with what to pair with these items contact Notable Styles and More at

Stay Notable!!


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