A Beauty DIY: Nail Art Pens!

Hello Notable Fashionistas/os this is what we are talking about today. Nail Art Pens, do it yourself nail designs. This is exciting right???

If you are a budget happy individual, that likes the manicure and pedicure look, but do not like to spend the dollars on it week after week, these nail pens are something to look into.

I am sure that you have experimented with polishing your own nails before. If you have not even attempted, you should take this opportunity to try.

1. Wash, clean and dry your hands very well.
2. Apply a skin moisturizer.
3. Wipe off any remaining oils from around your nails and nail beds before you begin the polish.
4. Use a base coat, the polish color of choice and a top coat.

When creating a nail design hold off on the top coat, until you are done with your creation. Here is a picture of designs that you can do with the NPW Nail Art Pens. Price - $14. Follow this link to purchase them.

If you are looking for good fall fashion friendly nail art ideas view images here.

**BONUS** Follow this link to all kinds of fun nail materials (stickers, exotic polish, etc) that you can use to experiment with for a very good price.

Product Source: Fashion Wrap Up

Written By: Nicole McClain

Image Source: SheFinds.com


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