Angela and Vanessa Simmons' Las Vegas Style!

Angela Simmons recently celebrated her big sister Vanessa Simmons birthday at the Paris in Las Vegas. The two ladies wore very dfferent outfits neither of which I would think to wear when going or dressing a client for the Vegas club, but that is neither here nor there. Angela wore a deep low back, lasercut lace dress with black Louboutin pumps, black undergarments and an oversized vintage styled clutch. I would say she was more dressed for an island dinner date, but I still think that the look she put together is cute.

Vanessa is posing perfectly in her purple skirt, strapless black/corset style top, and a light gray tribal styled shimmer sweater. Now the shoes and Chanel bag that V is carrying are No-Ta-ble!! Awesome!! Big ups to the Pastry founders for staying relevant and in great positions business wise. Notable Styles Salutes! 

Happy Belated Birthday Vanessa Simmons!

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