Cute Button Clutch Could It Be A DIY??

OMG, Sunday seems like a good day to do or work on a DIY Project, so here goes ladies. There is this clutch, that is amazing! It's cute and it is oversized which compensates for the price being $70. Click here to buy! Since it is full of buttons I would say stay privy to carrying it on casual girl days and if you would like to wear it in Fall consider using a more Fall color scheme. Wouldn't want you to mismatch your clutch with the wrong outfit. But if you would like to try a do it yourself it seems like this is what you will need:


  • approximately 1 yard of medium or heavy-weight fabric for the bag exterior
  • approximately 1 yard of medium-weight fabric for the lining
  • standard zipper, at least as wide as your bag will be
  • scissors
  • needles
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • buttons

I found this link on how to make a small zippered case and it seems that it would work the same way for this clutch!

Don't forget if you want to add the buttons to the exterior of the bag, do that first after you cut your pieces for the lining and the exterior. That way when you begin to make the bag the outer design is already complete.

Good Luck and #staynotable!

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Photo Source: lovecortnie


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