Featured Product Of The Week! Kiko Nail Polish

One of my wonderful Notable Styles readers was so gracious to send in a picture of her new authentic italian manufactured nail lacquers. This cutesy, summer breeze in a bottle colored nail polish is made by the brand Kiko and is only sold in Europe. (Backstory: One of her roommates spent the summer in Milano and gifted my reader with this. AWESOME RIGHT!) The Kiko brand not only offers nail lacquers but also many other cosmetic products in make up, sunscreens, skincare and accessories.

The image above is a layout designed by Notable Styles and More, giving you options of items that can be worn in both Pre-Fall and Fall of 2012 that will match either shade of the nail lacquer. I hope that you like the looks inspired by the nail polish.

Nail Lacquer Photos courtesy of Amber Lloyd



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