New Video Alert: Brandy Feat Chris Brown Put It Down!

I am generally a fan of any music video directed by Hype Williams (TLC's Waterfall; Aaliyah's Rock the Boat, Kanye West's All of the Lights....) the way that Hype incorporates graphics and special effects into his creations is absolutely breath taking. In the case of the new Brandy video featuring Chris Brown, Hype Williams has transcended the industry once again. The color ways, effects, lighting and over all fluidity of the video are modern, creative and exciting to watch.

Brandy has stepped up her choreography game for this vid and I think she is doing a great job. The song Put It Down is catchy, I like the hook, the production by Bangladesh beats hard and all is well for Brandy's 1st single. Let's go Bran. It is good to see Chris Brown in a different light as well. He is pretty much a relaxed feature, not dancing all over the place, just giving off a presence. I like it!

Brandy's hair, make up, and apparel styling for this video is pretty much on point! She was doing a lot of pattern mixing in her looks and I liked that. She wore several hairstyles all of which looked fresh and complimented each scene well. Bravo! Job well done Brandy.

See below to view the video

What do you all think of Brandy's new video? Notable or Not?


  1. Awesome post! I too,think that this is first time in a while where Brandy's overall look was amazing throughout the video. I am also happy Chris has his clean cut dark hair back!!!!

  2. Thank you!! Yes Brandy is sometimes hit and miss in my view with style but I have noticed a dramatic change in her style consistency and I LIKE IT!! Well said, Chris Brown is ALL GOOD with the dark hair back. That blonde, I was over it, lol!


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