The History Makerz Are At It Again!

One half of the History Makerz duo Eroc is pictured above and the other half Brandon is always in close proximity. The History Makerz stay working and have perfected the art of the grind. Since the Hip Hop Weekly Magazine told the world this summer about their current records with Mello Tha Guddamann featuring Ace Hood "I Love The Streets" and Showtime's "I'm On" featuring Ron Browz and Lil Scrappy, they have went on to strike more gold.

Reported by the History Makerz will be credited with producing Jo FloWroshus' album entitled 900 Degrees (set to be released 12/21/12) and are responsible for the soon to be released HIT single, "We Do It Big" by Jo FloWroshus featuring Gorilla Zoe and Wayne Blazed. Congratulate and continue to support the History Makerz and keep on following your own dreams as well.
"In order to follow your dreams you must wake up." - Anonymous


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