How To Simplify The Beaded Look!

All of the pieces pictured here have a lot of beading and details. But that doesn't mean that you have to be over the top, when you wear beading.

The key to wearing strong pieces is to let that item take the lead and build simply around it.

Look 1
The detailing on the shorts is more of a aztec design. But definitely very detailed. So the shorts are paired with a simple white tee and thick strap heeled sandals.

Look 2
The model paired a round studded skirt, with a matching clutch, but decided to wear gray up top and a simple heeled sandals. This works because her look is not on overdrive. Two studded pieces, the rest is simple.

Look 3
The studded item in this look are the flats. Everything else worn is simple. White tee, skinny jeans, short leather bomber, cute leather satchel and the scarf and dog as the final touches.

Look 4
This item is an entire look all on its on! This trench jacket with round studded accents on the sleeves is major! Be careful when wearing not to pair with all items that are too dark and too gold.
Pair with classic pieces and maybe add a cotton or chiffon, white or fall colored blouse with jeans or fitted skirt in any fabric.

A nice print would also go well with this trench.

Style Contributor: Joi Lindsey

Writer: Nicole McClain


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