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Since the inception of Notable Styles and More, it has been our responsibility to stay informed about up and coming well designed, well placed, and creative brands that the Notable Stylers should indulge in or at least be aware of. Because here we don't just follow celebrities, we create them.

And as a reminder, we have blogged about Dope Couture, shoe boutique got Sole?, Catou Wear by Berny Martin, Coyon Ford, History Makerz production and others. Today, marks another monumental moment where history is being made right here on Notable Styles. We would like to introduce to you the brand PRSVR.

PRSVR, Pesévérer (pur suh vuh day) the French translation for persevere or PRSVR (Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, Respect) is a unisex line launching out of Chicago, IL. This line includes outerwear and luggage produced in premium materials such as Nappa Leather and supple suede and 80% of the time, Slaughter Free Leather. If you travel, want to be fashionable and comfortable in any region or just plain out love luxury and fashion this line is for you!

The Fall Destination 2012 line consists of several convertible motorcycle style jackets (for women and men) in great colors and fits. The Combination Cycle Jacket comes in charcoal, eggshell, and tomato. Sleeves zip off clean to make the jacket into a vest. The attaching zipper is easy to adjust and even easier to hide.

This collection also includes The Leatherman Jacket, Luxury Track Pants (avail for men and women), The Pullover, The Apollo Bag (highly effective carry-on for djs), The Leather Edition and The Turtletop Bomber in order as they appear below.



The Jim Bag
As you can see from the images, this line is nothing short of high quality, creative and functional genius! For more information on any products and to view the entire product range visit PRSVR at their site, tumblr, twitter, pinterest and facebook.

Next time Kimye wants to wear leather style comfy or slimming pants, I think that they should go to PRSVR. PRSVR has an AWESOME fit and is a lot more appealing than these oversized, non flattering leather pants. PRSVR can provide a customized service to specific clientelle.

Photo Source: (Kanye and Kim)


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