Darkened Eggplant Or Pale Pink Lip Coloring!

How to properly apply lipstick and how to accent your eyes are basic things that all makeup wearers and Notable Style fashionistas should know. There are tips by the ton available at your fingertips, so do not be afraid to seek out makeup help online or via your favorite makeup artist. Eggplant/dark and pale pink lip coloring are both very popular this season! Although Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj were amongst those wearing the pale pink last spring, I believe that it is still a great color for lip this Fall, when appropriately worn of course. And the dark lip has been on the rise since about August or September so I knew that it would be a staple lip color for Fall 2012.

I have located simple, well written tutorials for you to use, if you would like to try applying either of these lip colors. The links to the tutorials are below.

How to apply the eggplant/dark lip color

How to apply the pale pink lip color

The tutorials also recommend products and best practices, so I hope that you enjoy!

Will you be trying or have you tried either of these lip colors?

Photo Source: The Makeup Box


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