Get Familiar: American Armadillo!

It is with pleasure that I introduce to you an Indianapolis based design brand that produces high end colorful and well designed men's suit and formal apparel accessories. The brand name is American Armadillo who not only produces items that you can wear that will help you look your best, but American Armadillo is also a consulting/talent management firm that can help you develop and manage your own personal brand. 

"American Armadillo" is recognized as a symbol of resilience, which they ensure will mirror the resilience that is necessary to overcome challenges and take life to next level. This symbol teaches a lesson in the importance of balance and timing through its vulnerability and strength. 

This company is very much a one stop shop. You can purchase neck ties, knit ties, bow ties, ascots and pocket squares that will enhance your suit wear style exponentionally. Items can also be customized as needed. The colors and designs that the accessories come in, will compliment any style, color and fabric.

If you would like, assistance with not only what to wear but development of your leadership skills and best practices, American Armadillo, can also help with that.

As a whole, American Armadillo is an organization that is not just a brand, but is also a lifestyle. And this business offers a complete range of services, that can help take you and your youth to the next level. For more information and to view or purchase product shop Follow American Armadillo on twitter, here.

To date, American Armadillo men's accessories can be found at Indy Swank, Red's Classic Barbershop and King's Image.


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