Zigi NY Z-Jo Spiked Dreams!

Here at Notable Styles and More we select, discuss and write about only things that are Notable. 
So of course, this day is no different. The studded/spiked Zigi NY Z-Jo boot went way under the radar when originally released. This boot is a show stopper and for celebutantes ONLY and since you're reading Notable Styles that means you!

If you want to stand out in a crowd wearing this boot is the way to do it. You can pre-order this boot in black or tan here. The Reserve price is $339.99 and the Buy It Now price is $384.99.

Delivery will be around the 1st week of December and just in time for holiday stunting!

Visit ebay.com and enter item # 221144941330 to bid or pre-order before it is too late!

Happy Hunting!


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