Cold Weather Lip Care!! wrote an article about cold weather lip care, that deems very helpful and offers details of over 10 products that work well for your winter weather lip care. From what Notable Styles and More read the important categories of cold weather lipcare products are: Lip exfoliators, lip balms (tinted and non-tinted), moisturizing lip colors, and lip kits. Taking care of your lips in the winter is a little different than doing so in summer when the weather is warmer.
Follow this link to read the article and get the scoop on all of the products pictured above and the best practices on using them.
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  1. Love The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ! I have it in the Creme Brulee flavor and its delightful. I use it three times a week and its really great to use all year round. Makes my lips soft and smooth.

    Xo - Christy


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