Date Night Style!

Notable Styles has recently been inspired by skater dresses so be on the look out for the next few posts to directly reflect that interest. But hey, skater dresses are romantic, feminine and classy, just the way that a Notable lady should want to be. So please no complaints only compliments.

The pieces put together for this outfit look speaks the six words, "This is why you love me" to whomever the lady wearing this is on a date with. The richness of color with the forest green and black accents on the nylon and viscose fabric combined with the wonderful shape of the dress is a knock-out! Paired with amazing shoes and a statement clutch and this guy will never leave! Enjoy!

Zara Gem Encrusted


Christian Louboutin

Asos River Clutch


  1. I love how you piece this together, I love how its not expected and not so matchy. Hate Matchy!! But you are great, love your site, keep Notable !!


  2. The dress is really cute Cuz. Shoes are cool but I couldn't walk in them. LOL


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