Rihanna Sets Bar For New Androgynous Look!

There may be some Notable Style readers out there that have a menswear fashion streak down inside of them and if so, stop what else you are doing and keep reading, you will love this post. Rihanna is currently on her 777 Tour, doing her thing, but in between tour stops at Berlin and London she put her best community foot forward and helped Westfield Stratford City shopping centre turn on their Christmas lights.

Of course Rihanna attended this event, decked out! And as of late, Notable Styles has noticed her menswear additions to the wardrobe here and there, but shown above Rihanna is wearing an entire look from Acne Spring Summer 2013 Menswear collection.

Great wardrobe color (check)

Great fit (check)

Great hair and accessories (check)

Red lip (check)

Everything worked together in this look, not to make a "perfect" ladylike appearance, but to give that Rihanna, edgy, put together, head turning high end look that Rihanna does so well. She is one of a kind, with her styling and wardrobe choices. Keep us guessing Rihanna, that is what being innovative, notable and an individual is all about.

The Acne pieces shown above are the ones that we think Rihanna is wearing. The coat looks to have been redone in wool and have double breasted closures added instead of the zip as seen on runways back in June of 2012.


Photo Sources: Elle UK and Style.com


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