Spoiler Alert: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - The Shoes!!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, is the runway event of the year, when it comes to seeing fantasy brought to life and to families right in their living rooms. I see the brand as priding themselves in accomplishing this feat and showing people all over the world real life, runway strutting, well dressed angels wearing Victoria's Secret. So of course, the shoes that these runway goddesses wear have to be equally as fantastic as their outfits and their amazing bodies.

The stylist of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, collaborated with Nicholas Kirkwood this year and the two worked together to top off each look with a glamorous, artistic and well designed shoe. I have included images of each of the shoes in this post and I hope that you enjoy this spoiler.

Unfortunately, none of these shoe designs will be sold in stores, but Nicholas Kirkwood, stated that some of his recent runway shoes share some of the same design aesthetic of these shoes here.

View the show Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 on CBS 10/9c.

Photo Source: Vogue UK


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