Today Notable Styles and More Is Celebrating It's 5th Anniversary!!!

Nicole McClain, started this blog site 5 years ago on Thanksgiving Day while living in Torrance, California, which is located in the southwest region of Los Angeles. Nicole wanted an outlet to express her very own fashion interests and discoveries with a priority to always maintain a level of sophistication and professionalism, so the name Notable Styles and More was born. "Notable" is a brand name that Nicole already had attached to her business, Notable Service. Nicole is the sole proprietor that runs Notable Service where she performs fashion related services such as: personal shopping, styling, retailing, boutique event production and writing. Notable Styles and More soon there after became the medium that would allow Nicole to share information regarding the services she provides and interests with the world.

Since then, Nicole has become more focused about the way the information is distributed to the readers. Notable Styles and More will always offer information about what is hot, trending, original and unique. But Nicole would like to help the readers themselves become more Notable individuals, not by just copying or duplicating what someone has worn, or done before them, but by displaying what is current and asking the reader to be inspired by what they see or read.

The difference in the site from then to now, is the wide array of information that you can find just by using the top navigation bar. The fact that the site is available via mobile phone is also an upgrade. Nicole often has other fashion enthusiasts contribute to the site, to keep the perspective well rounded. Nicole also ensures that the social media accounts related to the site stay current and that includes, two facebook pages, two twitter accounts and one instagram account.

As a reader of Notable Styles and More you can expect more great things from this site. Keeping the content consistent, interesting and available to you in a number of ways is Nicole McClain's focus. Nicole is also working on retailing new and pre loved fashions to you, which she knows that you will enjoy!

Continue to support the Notable Styles brand by tuning in to view the series of links that will be posted via social media of Notable Styles and More posts of the past, starting today! And do not hesitate to wish the owner, Nicole McClain, well wishes on the achievements she has reached thus far.

Facebook Nicole McClain Editor in Chief

Facebook Notable Styles and More

Twitter Nicole McClain Editor in Chief

Twitter Notable Styles and More

Instagram Notable Styles and More

Online Boutique - COMING SOON!

Written By: Erika Winston


  1. Congrats on 5 years!!!!!! Looking forward to more great things!

  2. Thank you very much, Whitney!!!! I am looking forward to more awesome-ness from your venture as well!! Hope to catch up soon.


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