Art Basel Miami Roundup!

Miami was a big deal this past week with the Art Basel 2012 events being underway December 4th - 9th and with entertainment and sports celebrities stealing the spotlight from fashion, real estate, socialite and other attendees that are regular participants in this event. I am pretty sure that the two worlds of people came together to view and appreciate art together, even still there was an influx of media covering it this year especially fashion media dictating what Beyonce wore to the showings that she went to and less focused on the art being admired. As they say though, all press is good press. I myself have viewed images from other people that were equally or more fashionably dressed ith appreciating art but the power or mega watts behind a stat light say a lot about your media coverage these days.
I have included a few images of people that attended the events at the convention and parties around Miami that you may or may not have known were down in Miami. View the pictures and enjoy!
*Sidenote* It is reported that celebrity attendees helped boost sales of artowrk to a whopping $1.5B!!


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