Fashion's Night Out 2013 - Lights Out!

"The sponsors of the event — Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and NYC & Co. — made the joint decision to go on hiatus so retailers and designers can focus their budgets on projects that are more in line with their specific objectives, rather than a big event on one night in September." - Lisa Lockwood,

In 2012 Indianapolis' Pattern Indy group coordinated it's own FNO efforts that I was a sponsored social media reporter/blogger for. I am very sure that the group was planning a comeback this year, but according to reports the CFDA would like to take FNO from the US designer and retail focus to a more international focus this year. Where does that leave the consumer or those enthused about FNO and getting out and about to network and enjoy a fashion party that one night of the year? We will just have to follow this story and see.

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