Kimye Cover L'Officiel Hommes!!

It is to my understanding that L'Officiel Hommes is a French men's magazine that has been blessed with two celebs Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of their most recent release. The pair appear to be nude and in a deep, sensual embrace.
Question: Isn't this just Kim and Ray J, taken to another level? No videography (or cam) just a still pic, leaving the rest to the imagination. I understand the difference, but from a larger perspective is there really a difference? The similar principal being pushed here seems to be that sex sells and in saying that, the Kim and Ray J movie and the Kim and Kanye cover seem to be rather identical.
But if they like it, I love it and I love seeing the two seem so madly in love and happy with one another. I hope though, as the time continues to approach for their child to enter the world that their choices in photo shots and public displays of affection become more filtered and less sexual.
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