Rihanna Covers Elle UK March!!

This cover is dashing!! Powerful and sexy all at the same time! I love that Rihanna is back rocking the black, cropped hair, it frames her face so well. On the brink of the Rihanna for River Island collection which is scheduled to release today, she is properly making strong media moves, to keep her name and brand in the limelight.

"Photographer Mariano Vivanco captured the star - renowned for her super sexy beauty - at a studio in Paris as she posed in a series of monochrome outfits." - Elleuk.com. 

On cover image one she is wearing, a Louis Vuitton top and Rihanna for River Island collection zipper slit skirt. On cover image two she is wearing the Rihanna for River Island striped bra top, draped in a Prada wrap.

I love the way that this is styled and the way that she is wearing it. There is a velour hooded, draw waist jumpsuit in the Rihanna for River Island collection that is to D.I.E for!!! View above for details.

If you would like more info on the Elle UK link in here.

To get more of the Rihanna for River Island collection follow this jump.


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