New Music from the History Makerz!!

The History Makerz are back, with another hot collaboration on Jacob Latimore's "This Is Me 2" mixtape. The mix can be downloaded by following this link. The song, New Girl, Track #9 is actually produced by Lee Major and credits songwriters the History Makerz, Reuben McCray and Sauce Boys.

This mix is good body of work and this song is a favorite of mine. Jacob sounds as if he has taken some of his life experiences and growth and put them into the sound of his new music. What a refreshing gesture of a young artist! Jacob Latimore is a very talented young singer, dancer and artist and "This Is Me 2" just reiterates that fact even more.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more to come from the History Makerz and Jacob Latimore future collaborations and individual projects!!!


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