Beyoncé' Gisele Knowles - Carter!

This morning a well known fashion and celebrity blog posted this pic of Beyoncé carrying Blue Ivy and discussed what she was wearing as they normally do. And I am not saying there is anything wrong with that as I often do the same thing.

But when I saw this pic, the fashion is not what stood out for me. What I saw was a woman, a woman carrying her big girl toddler, so that she doesn't have to wake her up to walk. I saw a mother, who is not single but is very independent, that works her heinie off performing, dancing, creating and producing more than 8 hours a day traveling the world with her toddler. I saw a woman who wasn't born with a silver spoon but took what God has blessed her with and worked her way up and is still working.

I see a woman who probably asks herself if her life is the best life for her child or wonders is she being the best mother that she can be? When I looked at this pic I saw me, me in this woman we have come to know as Beyoncé. 

Just a human, that looked a lot like myself. I know what it feels like to carry a toddler and want to shield that baby from the public. I know what it is like to work hard and not have an end in sight. Minus the private jet, the clothes, the blonde extensions and the public perception of Beyoncé she is a struggling mother, just like you and I. Her struggles may not be financial but no ones life is perfect.

So, if you can remember I ask you to look at people with a human eye a loving eye. Think not so much of what you see, but sometimes it's what you don't see that really matters. We were all born the same way and we will all die. Let's restore some humanity to the community.

Peace, Love and Happiness!!


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