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H and M Conscious Collection Spring 2014!

H and M believes that they can help sustain fashion and the earth in the same breath and so they present, their Conscious Collection. Below, you can read H and M's exact words about this Collection:

"Help support our actions for a more sustainable future in fashion. At H&M it's not only about the fabric you feel between your fingertips, it's also about the environment and the people around us. We believe that together we can create real and long-term changes whether it's in our day-to-day activities, our support of local communities, or the launch of more sustainable collections."

This collection is lightweight, has a boho chic kind of vibe, is definitely sophisticated and most items are priced below $34.95.

I hope that you enjoy this collection. And if you want to see some EXCLUSIVE Conscious Collection pieces, you may want to download the app.


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