Happy Thanksgiving!!

A lot of things surround the Thanksgiving Holiday, even the start of this blog took place on Thanksgiving Day, 7 years ago.

There is the turkey of course, and food in general or the getting together of family and friends that I hear a lot about. The events that take place are a Thanksgiving staple as well, the Macy's Day parade, the football games and social events that may happen later in the day. But do we get together and really talk about or express our appreciation for life on Thanksgiving? Do we discuss what we are thankful for?

I decided to write a post today and say that I am thankful for everything!!! Whether it seems to be going my way or not, I choose to be thankful to be able to breathe, to have a sound mind and full operation of my limbs. I am thankful to know there is a God and to respect and appreciate a power that is higher than me.

Happy Thanksgiving Notable Styles readers, I am thankful for you too!!


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