Notable Styles Personal Picks!!

My life finally alotted me enough time to visit Keystone Crossing Shopping Mall, which just happens to be one of my favorite shopping malls in Indiana. And there were so many items there that I coveted that I couldn't even begin to mention them all in this blog post.

But if you look at the images below I think you will have a good idea of some pieces that I think would be amazing to wear this Fall.

The peep toe boot is actually an amazing Saint Laurent item that is more like an olive color in person. I totally love peep toe boots and an ankle style booty.

The black and gold skirt looks awesome in person and it is a BCBG selection.

Armani's window gave me life with a blush pink skirt suit arranged next to a pair of thin joggers and Armani tee for a chic and casual quick change and go outfit!!


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