Cara Delevinge & The Importance Of Dressing Like A Guy

2015 saw fashion designers globally ditch all preconceived gender representations and redefine masculinity.
Women in menswear (or even women in trousers) has always been a controversial topic. Dating back to 1920s when Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel left the public horrified after leaving her home in a pair of slacks, to AW15 which saw style icon and model Cara Delevinge star in the DKNY menswear campaign.

In my opinion, Coco Chanel deserves a big thank you and a lot of recognition for the liberation of our wardrobes. She allowed us to shamelessly cover up our frost-bitten legs and without her; we may still be wearing dresses in December. Coco, I salute you.

Previous to starring in the DKNY men’s campaign, Cara Delevinge has always been an influencer in the fashion industry appearing suited and booted for a date with girlfriend; St Vincent.

But why is it we are suddenly borrowing style tips from the boys?

1     1. The shoes. Why suffer a night of crippling heels you can barely move in, flats have become so much more appealing. I suggest a stylish pair of leather brogues or maybe sport a pair of signature DKNY trainers.

2. The shirts. There’s something special about a tailored man’s shirt that looks great on women. The boxier cut and lengthy sleeves which are perfect to turn up helps to create a seemingly effortless and simple look. I suggest checking out for a huge range or shirts for both men and women, the Oxford shirt is a personal favorite of mine.

3. That ‘special’ boyfriend hoodie. Is the real reason we steal our men’s hoodies because we just love the way they smell? Nope! Oversized and under appreciated, there’s something so distinctively special about boy’s hoodies, the way they envelop our whole body or even the way they will maintain their softness wash after wash. For the biggest selection of ‘boyfriend’ hoodies and jumpers, fashion retailer Thomas Gun is definitely worth a look.

4. Saving the best until last; The Blazer. Blazers have now become a true staple item in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Fitted or oversized ‘boyfriend’, blazers can be styled and accessorized to be suitable for any occasion. Boyfriend style blazers give a borrowed look, while a fitted blazer gives a definite nod at a men’s suit jacket, while following the line of a woman’s body. For men’s blazers check out Zara & for women’s blazers at a bargain, check out

Writer: Eloise Rolfe of Beauty and Ruin.

Photo Contribution: Various Sources

Nicce Photo: Beauty and Ruin


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