Make Every Day Count - Day 1!!

Today, I am launching a Make Every Day Count campaign via the lifestyle and inspirational blog Notable Styles and More! If you are new to this site, I post on a range of topics from fashion, to makeup, to celebrity children, to societal issues and more.

Make Every Day Count will be a series of posts to inspire you to get through your day. Today's post is about adding variety to your day by making a simple change to your routine. It's the thought that counts and in doing so, you are actively being in tune with your day.

I decided to bring one of the children's frog bowls to eat my lunch in. It will add color to my meal, allow me to use my imagination and act as a small reminder of my children.

It's perfect!!

Change something small into something entertaining by adding variety and making a simple change like I did.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you will or have done to add some excitement to one of your routines.


  1. I had added a planner to my routine! It has shown 1 what is done is over is just that... OVER, and what's to come is what you make it. I have been able to see things ahead of me which allows me to create the mindset of how I want proceed! You say, "Make Everyday Count." Well, I plan on it!


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