Make Every Day Count - Day 2!

Hello all!! I would like to say what a day, what a day. Here in Indianapolis, the weather has a wind chill that is below 0 and a brisky outlook. But on the brighter side today, marks the beginning of a "warming trend" 👀..... I know right.

But anyhow, I would like to suggest in making every day count, that today we introduce a concept that I have read about before on sites like Forbes and Linked In, try to multitask less and finish all of one task prior to beginning another one.

In certain instances this may be difficult if you are in an environment where some things demand immediate attention. But even so, once those tasks are completed and you return to your regular tasks, complete all of one and then proceed to the next one.

I am going to start using an app that will allow me to log the time that I work on one task (for records and reporting purposes) which will indirectly assist me with finishing all of that task. See screenshot for ideas.


  1. Today I decided that sticking to the plan out of the gate will enable you to have the endurance to finish the race but also notice obstacles that would be forthcoming.


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