Make Every Day Count - Day 7

Hold on hold on, group. It is still Wednesday in the Pacific Time zone so I can still squeeze in this Day 7 post. This message will be short and succinct. Tell yourself the truth about all things in order to make every day count.

Have you ever experienced talking yourself into doing something that you had previously made a decision about? If so, that is a total violation to your well being and productivity. To prevent this, go with your first instinct because it's almost always right. And it will certainly be a better choice than rethinking something that you have already made a decision about. This is almost the reverse effect of not facing the truth. You are changing the present and doing something that you may later regret. I once heard someone say, "Don't rehash the past, move forward fast." - Author Unknown

Being truthful with oneself requires that you are able to hold a mirror up and analyze the reflection. But NEVER beat yourself up or talk down to yourself. Just take note of things that you agree and/or disagree with and make actions regarding those things.

Let's Make Every Day Count guys, because tomorrow isn't promised.


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