Make Every Day Count - Day 9!!

This is a catch up post, because I realized that I should have 9 posts total by the time Monday morning arrived. But please do not be alarmed this post will not be any less valuable or thoughtful than the other 8.

Today I would like to say in an effort to Make Every Day Count, do not be so entertained, thrilled or involved in the preparation for an action that you fail to reach or even complete the actual action.

I feel this is an important tip because pre-work, planning, etc is an important part to excellence and completion of some things. The amount of planning that goes into something can almost always be seen by looking at the final product. But for some, this can be an area where procrastination and/or distraction can occur due to some subconscious feelings about or toward actually doing the final action or producing the end product.

So Notable Stylers, in bringing this to your attention I would like for you to be aware to actually do necessary and direct pre production, pre work and planning for your actions. And there will not be a moment wasted in your day or getting in the way of Making Every Day Count.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and ideas on how to make every day count or on how these tips have helped you.


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