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Notable Styles Picks: Barbara Bui Pre-Fall 2016!

A few of my faves from Pre-Fall 2016 Barbara Bui!!!

Pair large print with a smaller version of the same print for style.

Wear a large textured cape over a mini dress with pockets for a sophisticated look.

A double breasted a line dress with cape and scarf in matching large plaid print.... classy.

All Robin's egg blue, trench, tank blouse, leather zippered pants and a black wool ball cap for a twist.

Velvet tux dress with a waist belt and the black ball cap says I know what I want.

Wrap skirt, black top and trench for a relaxed lady like look.

Mix small polka dots with thin vertical stripes to get your mixed prints in.

Take note of the animal print and how it's being used here for an accent of the basic plaid mini dress coat and matching animal print bag.


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