Building Your Esteem One Affirmation At a Time!

I recently posted an image on Instagram listing three base sentences that can be used as the root for your affirmations. The I AM, I CAN and I WILL. Once you have purveyed your mind and have identified what you are, what you can do and what you will do, write those things down. This exercise is helping you connect the vision of yourself in the unseen to the realm of the seen. 

Affirming yourself is important to do at least on a daily basis, because there are many things in the world that chip away at or challenges who you are, even if we are unaware of this fact.

To remain grounded in the truths and convictions of who you are and want to be, repeat your affirmations to yourself daily. Your self esteem and confidence deserves to be fed by you, the one energy source that is most important to it.


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