If The Weather Doesn't Cooperate!

In the unpredictable climate of the state of Indiana often times we have to add a cardigan to our sleeveless top or swap the sleeveless top for a short or long sleeve, just to be prepared for a cool morning that leads into a warmer day.

And May 2017 is no different as the high yesterday (May 9) was 50 or so degrees and the high today was 82. 

Yesterday in the semi cool weather I spotted a co-worker wearing a boot that had remarkable style and an edge that I do not normally associate with this brand.

The boot you see here is a Sorel Women's Medina Boot II that is SOLD OUT on the Sorel website. Sorel is generally known for their rain/weather boots and this boot is no different than that. The main differences between this pair and the other styles is the heel, the clasp and the leather detachable upper.


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