S Is For Seven Looks from Chanel and Saturday!!

Today, I would like to show the world seven of my favorite looks from the Chanel 2018 Resort Show. When it comes the Chanel brand the thing I covet most is their textured aesthetic. From tweed, to adornment, to embroidery, to high end accessories, it all says Chanel. Even when the brand goes for a more delicate look, the color, style and cut of the pieces work together like a charm to exude the luxurious Chanel brand theme.

A friend of mine introduced me to Chanel over 10 years ago and I picked up on their special marks right away. The looks you will view below have a bit of a Grecian theme, intertwined throughout.

Chanel is notorious for utilizing neutrals and adding a pop of color as shown above. The way in which the looks are paired, I would go out on a limb and say that Chanel is opening up their sights to the 25+ age group as a customer base. The looks feel more cool and youthful to me and less Kris Jenner (no shade) in this resort collection. 

I hope that you enjoyed the looks.

Photo Credits: Shown above
Pictures Retrieved from: Vogue Runway


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