Black Excellence is a term that I noticed as an insta trend (hashtag phrase #BlackExcellence) on instagram circa July 2017.

As you an see from the image above, there are now several iterations and the phrase itself has over 1 million posts.
I observed that it was being primarily used by Diddy (aka Sean Combs) around the time that #BlackGirlMagic was circulating. There was also #BlackBoyJoy and #BBJ around the same time, and I figured adult, "black" males, were seeking a hashtag that they felt represented them and that was also savvy enough to use on social media platforms.

Who better to flood the block with the phrase, than the hard working, master business man Diddy. Who was just named 1 of 100 Greatest Living Business Minds by Forbes. 100 Greatest Living Business Minds, Sean Combs individual page for more information on his accolades.

As I analyze the term #BlackExcellence, I begin to question, why isn't it just #Excellence? Doesn't excellence come in all shapes, colors and sizes? Why is it important to call out the #Black in the #excellence? When honestly, we all know that the race labels we have come to associate with such as black, white, etc were created and used by the power structure for the means to control. Yet, it is still important to use when communicating with a group.

Why is it important when communicating to be specific and use the word "black" when calling out the "excellence"? Well, if you are speaking to a person or group of people do you not address them first? In doing so, it will at least get the attention of every single person, place or thing that identifies with the word "black". It is also similar to any social grouping that has its own frequently used terms and practices, as a part of that group - the members (or those affiliated) identify with it. This is the initial desire, for those whom you are speaking to - to be aware that you are speaking to them.

What does #BlackExcellence mean to me? It means for those who identify with blackness to strive for greatness. To aspire to be the best! Whatever the best may translate to in your industry, in your heart, feel free to define excellence for yourself, motivate others to do so and remember that excellence is achievable and required. 

#BlackExcellence is a movement. An expression of a group of people that feel boxed out and oppressed but have very strong willingness and passion to achieve, succeed and refuse to remain in the shadows. Check out the #BlackExcellence hashtag on social media to get your fix. 

Until next time Notable Stallions!

Written By: Nicole McClain
Images: All rights reserved


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