Educating Yourself on Local Education!

Hola Notable Ones!

Today, I would like to share a source with you that I am pleased to say keeps me abreast on things related to education in the state of Indiana. This resource even shares specific details on educational news in cities and jurisdictions near Indianapolis, Muncie, East Chicago and other places. My go to site - for this info is

Chalkbeat offers a full service website with information and articles on hot topic educational items. Anything that you ever wanted to know or may have questions about (relative to education) - I bet can be found on Chalkbeat. Chalkbeat also has a newsletter to keep you up to date on recent developments.

See below for an example of the Chalkbeat newsletter and how it arrives in your inbox.

Chalkbeat is such a great source for me to access information regarding the educational system policy changes, school changes, closings, etc. And if you are not an Indiana resident, fret not Chalkbeat also offers resources for other states as well.

Written By: Nicole McClain


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