Zendaya The Slaya!!

Zendaya - who I was introduced to via the child celebrity grooming machine Disney Networks has grown into being one of the most followed stars for all things fashion, trendy and classy. 

This youthful star isn't only beautiful and well dressed (thanks to her individual and styling collaborations with Luxury Law). She is also full of substance which is displayed in her responses and opinions that can be found in articles and posts online. Examples of such opinions relate to Zendaya taking a stand on important societal (minority and women's rights) topics, as well as verbally identifying with a group of the human race that some have labeled "mixed" with her roots coming from one white and one black parent, although Zendaya says she represents all "black" girls.

I have two little girls of my own and I see Zendaya as an excellent representation of beauty, strength, determination and hope of what accomplishment can look like.

Written By: Nicole McClain
Photos: Not my own


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