GQ Citizen Of The Year 2017: Colin Kaepernick!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Colin Kaepernick. Today he is being celebrated as one or four GQ Men of the Year (as citizen of the year), alongside Stephen Colbert, Gal Gadot, and Kevin Durant. (Round of applause)

A little over a year ago, Colin decided to take a stand (by kneeling during the national anthem at football games) for racial injustice. Injustices that span back as far as "American" history can take us. Injustices - which most recently have found more than dozens of black males and females murdered at the hands of police officers with little to no consequences inflicted upon those police officers by the United States criminal justice system for their heinous actions.

This one man, re-enacted a movement (not seen since the civil rights era), that has turned into an "Us or Else", mentality among the persecuted of all races and ethnic backgrounds. A "We have rights too" enforcement that has swept through the ranks of society via social media and entertainment. And this movement has since continued into the 2017-2018 NFL season with players, coaches and team staff taking a knee with their peers who feel disenfranchised by these same injustices.

Colin is definitely a hero, a man using his platform as a catalyst for positive change and has at minimum brought into light what many have attempted to leave in the dark.

Thank you Colin for what you have done and will continue to do. And thank you GQ for memorializing this moment in print. This will for ever be a part of our United States and world history.


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