The Confidence of Youth!

This past Friday, I was able to watch a group of young ladies aged 6-14 display their talents, as part of a celebration for the last day of camp. These young ladies were amazingly confident. These young women gave it all they had. The skill level varied amongst them, but the one thing consistent through out was their confidence and sense of self.

con·fi·dence - a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

Interestingly enough, every single one of the girls that participated in a group performance showed a determination and rigor that should be commended.

Only when the groups relegated down to solo acts did a small dose of shyness, become detectable. In the shadow of shyness, determination and fearlessness still reigned supreme.

The confidence that I saw exuding from the girls on Friday, was admirable. And the youngest children in the groups seemed to be the bravest of all. Confidence is a trait that often times, fades away as you age and gain more exposure to life. Although, we should make sure that our daughters and sons are confident as they go out into the world daily.

Build, nurture and help the people in your life maintain a confidence that is unwavering. A great place to find examples of strong confidence is in the innocence of the youth of today.

Photo Source: Unknown


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