New Looks From Eve!!

Apuje Kalu, fashion stylist and creative director; posted some of his fave out takes of Eve from a recent shoot for creators of color. Creators of Color is an art movement highlighting diversity in the creative sphere. For more info on this check out @creatorsofcolor on Instagram.

Now back to Eve - doesn't she look great! Wouldn't it be nice to see Eve back in her own show again? The show was witty and highlighted relationships and diversity. 

Eve's styling in these photos compliments her assets and the colors and backgrounds chosen are appealing to the eye. 

Enjoy! And drop a line in the comments.

Photo Source: @Apuje


  1. Hey Eve,
    Nice to see your picture with good thoughts and you are looking beautiful in this stylish picture and you can also use logo embroidered sweatshirts for your upcoming blog and your look will be more attractive and fashionable.


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