Women’s Rights in Sports!

Skylar Diggins is becoming more and more vocal about gender inequality in sports, specifically the salary differences in the two national basketball leagues of the NBA vs. WNBA. Not only do NBA refs make more than a WNBA player, the 12th man on an NBA team has a higher salary than an entire WNBA team.

Be careful not to sum up the argument to the fact that women in sports just want to be paid more, it's more about being treated fairly across the board (travel, jersey/product revenue, etc) for the performance that they put in. And fair treatment should be a part of the process. It's very unfortunate that fairness and equality are not guaranteed but have to be bargained for.

But Skylar is up for the fight. She is coordinating meetings with other female athletes to share and gather information as preparation for developing talking points ahead of WNBA negotiations.

Remember the Serena Williams Naomi Osaka US Open tennis match where Serena was penalized for what some would say were "normal" tennis match behaviors? Immediately afterward in the post match interviews she discussed gender biases in tennis and how she has a responsibility to speak up about them and bring them to the forefront.

Injustice to women anywhere, is an injustice to women everywhere.

Photo Credits: @SkyDigg4 on Instagram, CNN.com


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