PRSVR: New Addition to the Beverly Center!

Brandon and Margaret Williamson of PRSVR, a luxury lifestyle brand is moving into the Beverly Center, in Los Angeles, California in 2019. This is definitely an elevated move and a well executed one.

Almost 7 or so years ago, I was introduced to their brand and I have witnessed them remain true to hard work, determination and culture inclusivity. They have consistently designed exceptionally well, broken down barriers, obtained celebrity placements, increased their clientele base, had pop-up shops/boutiques in major cities across the U.S. (including Chicago, Atlanta, Indianapolis and more) and have even had one of their products featured in a Super Bowl ad.

PRSVR is a brand constantly on the rise. See below for a snapshot of additional companies the brand will be alongside in the Beverly Center.

In my opinion, the Beverly Center was in need of an upgrade and the PRSVR Boutique will be a valuable addition.

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PRSVR Lab Coat In black on Charlemagne.

PRSVR Kids Boomerang Coat in tan seen on B2.

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Photo Source: prsvr_lifestyle


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