Notable Beauties: Somewhere In America!!

This is a quick post to demonstrate a plethora of style and beauty looks, from 8 women in a real life setting.

I requested authority to post this image because I believe people stand to benefit from seeing how everyday women interpret fashion, style and makeup as 2018 comes to a close. With all of the pressures and definitions of beauty on social media, reality television and society (in general), it is refreshing to know that there are still women who come together and look beautiful, without appearing flashy and boasting of million dollar brands.

If you look closely there is style inspo for all people visible in this one pic. I've spotted animal prints, patterns, cobalt velvet, the cardigan look, matte fitted pants, moto jacket style, fall colored tresses, corn rows, soft curls, glam hair, ponytails, serving face, nude lips, pops of color and more.

Notable Styles and More is on style overload ladies and gentlemen. Hope that you enjoy! Drop a comment below and tell me which style matches your style the most.

Photo Source: @fancyivy


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