The Cycle of the Make It Happen!

The cycle of the make it happen begins NOW! 2018 epitomizes what's fresh and new. Displaying all over the culture our ability to switch things up. This is a new beginning, a renaissance of sort. But this time the culture will maintain the grip on what's theres and never release it. When celebrities are doing exclusives with us, for us, by us..... oh what a world. The sky is the limit (like Biggie and Diddy said). Check out Fashion Bomb Daily (FBD) for the scoop and deets on Mother Remy Ma and her cute, sassy and classy prego fashions. She was lit, her entire pregnancy, check her Instagram for receipts. Thank you Remy, stylist Daniel Hawkins (@1800dhawk) and FBD Editor Claire Sulmers for the post Christmas gifts. 😘


Photo Sources: @RemyMa, @fashionbombdaily and @1800dhawk on Instagram 


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